Honours and Awards

Tommy MacKay’s work has been recognised in many honours and awards including the following.

  • Lifetime Achievement in Psychology Award (The British Psychological Society, 2021). This is the highest honour my profession can award to me.
  • Fellowship of the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies  (BABCP, 2014) – presented for a significant contribution to the advancement of the field
  • Lauriston Broadsword (Convention of the Baronage of Scotland, 2013) –  presented for services to the Baronage of Scotland
  • Public Engagement and Media Award (The British Psychological Society, Glasgow, 2011) – inaugural winner, in recognition of a sustained contribution to ‘bringing psychology to a wider audience’
  • Entry in ‘The Gallery of Heroes’ (2010)
  • Award for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology (The British Psychological Society, Dublin, 2008) – in recognition of ‘striking contributions’ to the applied psychology field (find the award-winning address here)
  • George and Thomas Hutcheson Award (Glasgow, 2008) – awarded annually by Hutchesons’ Grammar School to Hutchesonians who are ‘inspirational figures’
  • Fellowship, Royal Society for the Arts (FRSA, 2007) – for a commitment to positive social change
  • Best Achievement in Children’s Services, MJ Award (London, 2007) – presented in London to West Dunbartonshire Council against competition from local authorities throughout the UK for The West Dunbartonshire Literacy Initiative.
  • Academician, Academy for Learned Societies in the Social Sciences (AcSS, 2002; Fellow, FAcSS, 2014) – awarded to those who are viewed as having attained the highest standing as academicians in the social science field
  • Business Excellence Award (Scottish Enterprise, 2002) – for excellence in the field of ‘innovations and new applications’
  • Honorary Doctorate, University of Glasgow (2001) – for a ‘significant contribution to educational psychology’
  • President, British Psychological Society (2000-01) – recognised as being of the highest prestige and normally associated with an established national and international profile in psychology
  • Award for Challenging Inequality of Opportunity (The British Psychological Society, Brighton, 1998) – for ‘outstanding achievements’ in this field, covering gender, race, language, disability and, most particularly, socio-economic disadvantage (find the award-winning address here)
  • Fellowship, The British Psychological Society (FBPsS, 1996) – for ‘an outstanding and original contribution to psychology’
  • Award from the Chartered Institute of Transport (1990) – in recognition of a contribution to the area of psychology and passenger transport policy