Creating The Future

“The future we inherit will be the one we create”
Tommy MacKay, 2002

Tommy MacKay is a visionary and an inspiration… driven by an absolute refusal to believe that anything was impossible’
Prime Minister Gordon Brown, 2007

Tommy MacKay’s contribution to creating the future has been widely recognised and is the subject of many of his keynote addresses and publications.

His Presidential Address to the British Psychological Society was The Future Belongs to Psychology. His report on eradicating illiteracy in West Dunbartonshire was Achieving the Vision. His award-winning addresses for Distinguished Contributions to Professional Psychology and for the Public Engagement and Media Award were Can Psychology Change the World and Why Tell the World About Psychology?

For any project, whether at a local or an international level the starting point is the same, ‘What would make this project the best of its kind in the world?’

Too many projects fail – not because they failed to address what to do but because they failed to address how to do it. The nuts and bolts of project content are crucial, but even more crucial are the context factors – vision, profile, ownership, commitment and declaration.

“Unless we are willing to risk a commitment to achieving the impossible we are limited to only ever achieving the ordinary and the possible. However, by making a bold declaration in favour of the extraordinary and the impossible, the predetermined limits on achievement are totally removed – and therefore the extraordinary may be achieved”
Tommy MacKay, 1997